ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –This afternoon the city unveiled its plans for a huge makeover of the Heritage Farm. 

The city will pour more than 12 million dollars into the farm tucked away behind the Botanic Garden, to attract more visitors. 

The new plans were unveiled during a groundbreaking ceremony today. The BioPark says the traditional farm needed some updating. 

“Anything that puts children with animals and gives them an opportunity to learn and grow is fabulous,” says Penny Winn, resident. 

“Sounds great to have a family friendly additions,” says Genevieve Lauria, resident. 

Heritage Farm, which opened in 2004 next to the Botanic Garden, showcases traditional New Mexican farming methods from the 1800’s. 

Now the farm is getting a 12-million dollar face-lift, funded by the BioPark sales tax.     

“We are going to make Heritage Farm a wonderful, living history experience for the city of Albuquerque,” says Mayor Tim Keller. 

The project will see a renovation of all eleven acres and an expansion into the bosque with news paths. 

The plans also include new animal barns, pastures for them to roam, and new fences. 

Walkways will be widened to accomodate strollers and wheelchairs. 

A new electric train will also be added that can transport a hundred passengers around a one-mile loop in fifteen minutes and the parking lot redone. 

The farm will continue to grow endangered plants such as the Sacramento Mountain Prickly Poppy and build ecosystems for pollinators. 

“I think this is really good for the environment, it’s great for Albuquerque,” says Winn.  

The farm will remain open until the later half of the summer.  The BioPark says all the work should be done about a year from now. 

The original plans unveiled back in 2019 called for a barn for events like weddings and parties. It’s not part of the current plan.