ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The long-awaited Asia exhibit at the ABQ Biopark is now open, and along with new habitats, there are also new faces. That includes Arya the Malayan Tiger whose species is critically endangered. Just 150 of these tigers are left in the wild.

Zoo staff said Arya has been adjusting well since coming to Albuquerque from a zoo in Lufkin, Texas. “Eventually she will even be able to explore other flex habitats, as Asia allows us to have the animals in our care travel to neighboring habitats and even above our guests when they visit,” said Casey Taylor, assistant mammal curator.

The zoo’s previous Maylan Tiger Bunga has been moved to a new home since he was too genetically similar to Arya to be a suitable mate. The zoo is now looking for a good match for Arya. The new habitat includes a dedicated tiger maternity den for breeding and caring for cubs.