BERNALILLO COUNTY, N.M. (KRQE)- A major overhaul is ahead for a main stretch of road in the South Valley. The Bernalillo County project calls for a major redesign which will add curbs, gutters, storm drains, sidewalks and bike lanes along about a mile and a half Blake Road west of Isleta. 

Right now, that road just has two lanes and a dirt shoulder. “With open, rural section, it kind of has a wide feel, and you feel like you can drive faster. But, with a new curb and gutter sidewalk section, it kind of constricts a driver so you kind of feel like you need to drive slower,” said Rodrigo Eichwald, engineer manager of Bernalillo County.  

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Construction on the first phase will stretch from the Isleta drain, east to Foothills Drive. Amid the change, the county said neighbors have been asking how much sidewalk upkeep they’ll face. The county said it shouldn’t be more than the typical trash and weeding neighbors already do. 

“If you know during construction or sometime after construction and the sidewalk buckles, we will come and fix that usually there is a one-year warranty,” Eichwald. 

The eight-million-dollar project still needs about four million more to fund the whole project. The county is holding an open house on the project Wednesday until seven o’clock, at the South Valley Academy Gym on Blake.