ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – One of the oldest community theatres in the country is worried it might have to close down after a 91 year run. The Albuquerque Little Theatre is asking for help to keep the lights on.  

Tomorrow is uncertain these days for many because of the pandemic, including the 91-year-old showstopper located off Central near Old Town. The Albuquerque Little Theatre has put on many popular productions over the years. However, the theatre hasn’t had a live show since March, a hard hit to business considering they rely on ticket sales to stay open.

“We have not earned income for a year and we’re proud to say that over 85 percent of our expenses are covered by our earned income,” said Henry Avery, the Executive Director with the Little Theatre.     

On top of that, Avery said they’ve had to lay off a number of their employees. He said they’ve been doing what they can like creating online programming, and applying for PPP loans and grants to stay afloat. But he said nothing replaces live shows in front of an audience. Avery said they’ll be ready to perform when the state gives them the green light to reopen.

“The transformation when there’s an audience, you can stand and watch their faces and being taken away as I say their everyday lives into a whole new world it’s exciting,” said Avery. Avery said he appreciates the donations and the support from the community over the years. But he admits, if things don’t change in the next three months they might have to make their final curtain call.

“It’s too important to the quality of life of our community and to the culture to let something this incredible disappear,” said Avery.  A spokesperson with the Governor’s Office told KRQE the state will evaluate reopening theatres after counties reach the Green Level.

That will likely be named the Green Plus Level, which the governor mentioned last week. You can make a monetary donation to the theatre by visiting