ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Police say Francisco Macias terrorized a neighborhood by shooting off his gun and attacking people. It ended with police shooting at him. An elderly woman he punched in the face wants to know why he’s getting away with it.

Irene Garcia, 81, went to check on her neighbor and police say the woman was being attacked by her own son, Macias, at her home near Atrisco and Central. “When I told him leave her alone, let her come inside, he looked at me like that..he got up and he started swinging at me…hitting me,” said Garcia.

She was left with black eyes, bumps, and cuts. They called 9-1-1 and so did neighbors who took video of Macias shooting his gun outside. Police responded and told him to drop the gun but Macias wouldn’t listen. Officers opened after they said he pointed the gun at people near him.

As bullets hit a truck in the driveway, Macis took off. His friend then fought him and took the gun away from Macias. He grabbed another man and tried to use him as a shield. Since Macias was no longer armed, officers tased him and took him down.

But after all that, Macias isn’t in any trouble. The District Attorney’s office said they dismissed all charges after all of the victims involved said they would not cooperate. It was news to Garcia who said she was angry and sad. “I want him jail to pay for what he did to me,” said Garcia.

The court document from the DA’s office explaining why the charges were dropped names the four potential victims listed in the police reports and said none of them wanted Macias prosecuted. Irene Garcia was not listed among them.

The DA’s office sent this statement about the incident:

We had previously been told the victims did not want to cooperate.  We were given new information yesterday and are looking into it.

Nancy Laflin, Spokesperon, Bernalillo County District Attorney’s office