ALBUQUERQUE N.M. (KRQE)- Iron Soul Gym in Albuquerque recently started an all-women powerlifting team, which they have coined the “Iron Soul Baddies”. This team of 30 women are now training for a competition that will run in July in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Actually I thought about this many many years ago, but there was an opportunity of competition that came in July. I told some of my clients we should make a team and when it started I got 11 girls to sign up immediately, and this was back in November. By February we had 25, but 30 is just a sweet number”, said Iron Soul Baddies Head Coach Mayra Armijo.

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This team is now training for a competition, but its much more than that as they consider each other family, and they have also found empowerment in powerlifting. “I love that its all women because I feel like a lot of people think lifting is a male dominated sport. So, being a part of women breaking the stigma that only men can lift heavy is like really empowering,” said team member Tori Wahl.

“From being a girl that used to be shy I definitely can say that I am a more confident person just being in this gym. To not only be able to lift together, but to actually lift each other up”, said team member Anasha Yazzie. The Iron Soul Baddies will compete in Las Vegas on July 2nd and 3rd, and the team is still raising funds for their trip. You can find out more on how to donate at this

You can also find out more about the Iron Soul Baddies and their gym Iron Soul on their Instagram pages:

Team: @ironsoulbaddies

Gym: @ironsoulgym