ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A man has been convicted of killing another in a fit of jealousy. Now, he will be required to spend more than two decades behind bars.

A jury found Steve Candelaria guilty of second-degree murder after investigators said he and his brother, Brandon, went into an apartment near Louisiana and Gibson in November 2020 and opened fire. It resulted in the death of Luciano Montoya.

Prosecutors said the shooting was retaliation after the mother of Candelaria’s child ended their relationship and stayed with Montoya.

During a sentencing hearing on Friday, the state played a jail call from earlier this week between Candelaria and a friend and argued he is still not taking responsibility for his actions.

Judge Lucy Solimon ultimately sentenced Candelaria to 26 years in prison. His brother, Brandon Candelaria, is still awaiting trial.