ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Investigators have tied a 15-year-old accused of murdering two teens on the West Mesa to the murder scene of a Sandia High School student at a homecoming party.

Those details have emerged from court documents filed by prosecutors in an attempt keep Julio Almentero behind bars through trial. Almentero is accused in the December 2018 kidnapping, torture and murder of two Albuquerque teens, Collin Romero and Ahmed Lateef.

The only suspect charged in the murder case so far, Almentero was in Metro Court on Wednesday for a first appearance hearing. A Metro Court judge ordered Almentero to be held in jail until he sees a District Court judge for a “pretrial detention hearing.”

The paperwork requesting the pretrial detention hearing, prosecutors say Almentero was “known to have been at a party where Sean Markey, a Sandia High student, was shot and killed” a week and a half ago. Markey’s family says the Sandia High Senior was at a homecoming after-party when he was shot.

According to court paperwork, Almentero was in possession of a firearm while he was at that party. The court documents do not say if prosecutors believe Almentero was the gunman who killed Markey. APD and a spokesman for the 2nd Judicial District Attorney did not provide any further details when asked about the case Wednesday.

The accusation against Almentero wasn’t discussed in the Wednesday Metro Court hearing. It’s unclear when a District Court judge will hold Alementero’s pretrial detention hearing for the Romero and Lateef murder case.

Almentero along with two other suspects are directly accusing the two of having a role in the teens murder. Two other suspects in the murder case, Stephen Goldman, 20, and Jimmie Atkins, 23, have not been formally charged. Both Goldman and Atkins are being held in jail on other unrelated charges.