ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – One person is recovering after a hot air balloon made an unexpected landing near Menaul and Monroe Sunday.

Police said a man had minor injuries and was treated by rescue crews. Nearby witnesses described the scary scene filled with screaming as they watched the balloon hit the ground. “We just tried to see if they need help or anything. Called 911. There was a lot of people that did that they helped and everything,” said a witness, Mohamad Al Alwan.

On Sunday, around 1 p.m., the Albuquerque Police Department responded to a call for an incident involving a hot air balloon. APD is calling the incident an “unexpected landing after the balloon got caught in a dust devil.”

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A witness who works close by, mentioned he is glad the balloon did not collide with power lines and phone lines in the area.

“I was working and all I saw was a balloon driving in front of the store. Then, a minute later, I heard a clap on the floor. Then I ran outside. I heard people screaming. People were running to the balloon. I saw the balloon on the floor,” said Al Alwan.

According to police, there was one person in the balloon. No other information has been released.