ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A 12-hour standoff in the East Mountains has turned deadly. It started with reports of a man shooting at two people who were riding an ATV in the area.

Neighbors did not want to go on camera but they said from 8 p.m. Tuesday night until 6 a.m. Wednesday morning, they could hear deputies throwing flash bangs and yelling for “Tony Lujan” to come out of his home. They say the “Tony Lujan” who lives there is a well-known New Mexico Hall of Fame musician.

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That home is located in Yrisarri, near roads 217 and 337. According to an arrest warrant drafted early Wednesday morning, BCSO was trying to arrest Lujan for shooting at two people. The warrant says that a 29-year-old and 15-year-old were riding an ATV in the area and had stalled by Lujan’s home.

The two individuals say Lujan suddenly ran towards them, gun in hand, yelling that they had robbed him and stolen his dog. The two say they tried to calm him down and were confused since they weren’t involved in any robbery or theft. When Lujan saw a gun holstered on the other man’s waist, they say he threatened to kill them if he touched the gun.

That’s when the 29-year-old man says Lujan fired shots into their ATV. A fight started and Lujan begin to fire off more shots as the pair ran away. BCSO deputies responded and tried to get Lujan to come out but they say he refused to speak to them or come out.

Sky News 13 observed a deceased individual on the scene but there is no confirmation if the person was Lujan or an unknown individual. Neighbors told KRQE News 13 that his mother also lived on the property and an ambulance did take someone away Tuesday night.

According to neighbors, this is the same Tony Lujan who was inducted into the New Mexico Music Hall of Fame in 2020. According to his bio, he started playing trumpet at the age of ten.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office could not be reached for further information as they were attending the funeral of one of their fallen first responders.