In the middle of an extreme drought, it was a record day of rainfall in the Albuquerque Metro area.

“It’s very rare, very rare. Much needed rain,” said Cecilia Pulsifer.

People said it was a welcome sight.

“It really came down and we needed the rain,” said Manuel Apodoca.

Many pulled over, embracing the elements to catch a glimpse of the rain and the runoff.

“This cement ditch is awfully full and the water is running dangerously fast. We seen a two-foot wall just increase the amount of water in this ditch,” one resident said. 

There was a little more than a half inch of rainfall. that’s the most rain the metro has seen in a single day since September.

“The arroyo is nowhere to be today for sure.”

For some, the showers brought back memories.

“Just reminds me of how it use to be in Albuquerque. In the summer it always rained like this many times and as kids we’d get out. Not generally play in the ditches but we’d get in the sidewalks and play,” Pulsifer said. 

The wet weather won’t last long, however, so people said it’s best to just enjoy it.

“Just embrace the rain. Don’t be upset if you have to get out and get wet because we need it,” Pulsifer said. 

Albuquerque Fire Rescue said there were no water rescues during the rainfall Sunday afternoon.