ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A New Mexico man is headed to prison following a bizarre series of events. It happened in 2021 when the Albuquerque Police Department says Jaycee Miller was standing in the road near UNM Hospital when a couple stopped to avoid hitting him.

Police say Miller jumped in the back of their pickup, punched out the back window, and ordered them to drive to a nearby neighborhood. Then, Miller is accused of forcing them out of the pickup, along with their dog, and driving off.

Police say Miller crashed the truck on Jefferson near I-25, tried to steal another car but couldn’t start it, and then threw rocks at a nearby Nick and Jimmy’s Restaurant, breaking a window and nearly hitting tow women who were finishing eating.

Miller pleaded no contests to kidnapping and criminal damage to property charges in February. A judge said Miller was clearly not in the right mind, either on drugs or alcohol during the incident, but needs to be held accountable. The judge then sentenced Miller to eight years behind bars. It turns out at the time of his arrest, Miller was on probation for a 2017 case in San Juan County, for assaulting officers during a DWI stop.