Albuquerque man creates ‘Treasure Mission’ to find hidden cash

We’ve seen crazes in the past to find hidden cash—like when people frantically searched UNM’s campus for ‘Hidden Cash NM,’ to those who’ve journeyed high and low to find Forrest Fenn’s treasure.

Now, a local man is trying something new, called ‘Treasure Mission.’ 

“You know the whole millennial generation where everyone’s on their phones, we’re trying to get people out,” said Toby Gutierrez.   

Gutierrez is the founder and a web developer. He came up with the idea with some help from his son. 

“The way he interacts looking for Easter Eggs and just things that he finds inside of video games and stuff like that,” said Gutierrez.  

He said the money will be hidden in public places around Albuquerque, or even across the state. In order to play, you’ll pay a small amount then you’re on your way to the hidden cash.

“When they sign up, basically what they’re gonna get is a digital download that’s exclusive essentially to them where they’re gonna be able to get a map of some sort or something in a poetic form,” he said.  

It’s almost like ‘The Goonies,’ using the map to find the hidden treasure. Gutierrez said they’ll even be selling items needed for with the missions, like a compass or a metal detector. 

“It’s just about getting a little bit of exercise and even just basically getting out and enjoying the journey. It’s not so much about the treasure itself,” he said. 

Guttierrez is also looking to work with businesses to sponsor the missions. He said they plan to launch the first one later this year. 

If you’re interested in taking part, you can sign up on this website.

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