On Jan. 25, 2016, a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled over an Albuquerque man for allegedly using his cell phone while driving, and that driver says the traffic stop escalated quickly.

According to a lawsuit filed on March 6, 2017, BCSO Deputy Jeffry Bartram pulled over Manuel Cordova near Arenal and Tapia.

Cordova claims he wasn’t sure if Bartram was a real BCSO deputy because “the vehicle did not have the normal markings of a law enforcement vehicle and the officer was not in a normal law enforcement uniform.”

In the original criminal complaint, Bartram claims he ‘pointed to his badge’ and showed him his ‘commission card’.

Cordova refused to give Bartram his ID. According to Bartram, Cordova refused ‘multiple loud and clear commands to exit his vehicle.’

Cordova claims Bartram pulled him out of his vehicle and pushed him to the ground. He says Bartram began punching and kicking him in the ribs, only stopping momentarily when a city bus was driving by.

In December 2014, Bartram was involved in another routine traffic stop that turned violent.

Bartram pulled over Adam Padilla near Central and Unser because his license plate wasn’t visible. Bartram told Padilla to get out of his vehicle so he could search it for weapons.

Within minutes, deputies say Bartram thought Padilla was going to attack him. So, he tried to taze him, but when that failed he shot and killed Padilla.

In 2015, the state decided not to press charges against Bertram.

In this case, Cordova claims Bartram used excessive force and violated his fourth amendment rights.

His attorneys are seeking punitive damages.

KRQE News 13 reached out to BCSO, a spokesperson said they do not comment on pending litigation.