ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Albuquerque city leaders are getting louder in their call for Governor Martinez to call a special session. They want lawmakers and the governor to end the stalemate and get more than $200 million in construction projects going around the state.

Mayor Berry’s office has publicly called for a special session and asked for other New Mexico cities to join. So far, they say they believe about 100 different governments and public agencies have sent in support letters.

Monday a city council committee is set to talk about the potential of a special session and what they can do to help drive it.

Capital outlay is worth $264 million of public projects statewide. Albuquerque lost out on more than $20-million worth of capital outlay dollars because democrats and republicans couldn’t agree on a final bill last month.

Albuquerque Public Schools and the University of New Mexico each had around $8 million worth of projects. The city had some big ones too including money to re-roof some of the rail yards. About $1.5-million was for the planned Paseo del Volcan highway between Rio Rancho and Albuquerque along with $750,000 for a downtown entrepreneur incubator.

“Now as the folks on the ground, the cities and the municipal governments, we’d really love to put that money to work and help employee, drive our economy towards some of these exciting construction projects,” Mayor Berry’s Chief of Staff Gilbert Montano said.

Governor Martinez has said previously she doesn’t want special session especially if it just turns around another partisan fight. If a special session happens it could cost the state about $50,000 each day lawmakers meet.