ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A pair of Albuquerque kids gave their first birding tours on Saturday.

“There’s some swallows and some king birds over in the field,” said Adya.

Adya, 8, isn’t your average third grader. She’s a birder.

“I’ve been bird watching since I was very little,” said Adya.

Adya said she’s always had an interest in the feathered creatures.

“I just like them in general because they are pretty and they are nice and they are well, I just like them,” said Adya.

On Saturday, Adya and 13-year-old Jeremy got to lead their first ever birding tours.

They took about a dozen people through the bosque pointing out and identifying birds in the area.

“Along the telephone wire you can see the barn swallows and king birds,” said Jeremy.

It was all part of the Urban Refuge A.R.T.S event at Valle do Oro National Wildlife Refuge in the South Valley.

“They have agreed to do birding tours to practice youth leadership skills, so they have been really good at studying their birds to be really articulate,” said Friends of Valle de Oro Board Member Abby Boling.

The two kids are part of the Burque Young Birders Club. They meet once a month to study birds.

“I’m not quite at the level of bird expert, but I’m getting there,” said Jeremy.

“I just like them, like everything about them,” said Adya.

Adya goes birding with her dad on a regular basis.

Valle de Oro has another workshop set for August 15. That workshop will focus on pollinators.