A local company is hoping to make spirits bright by spreading Albuquerque-flavored holiday cheer, coming up with a creative way to bring the Duke City to those who aren’t here.

“There’s a lot of family members that either want a taste of Albuquerque or have moved away. So we just put holiday-centric items in there,” said Jesse Herron.

It started back in 2015 when a UNM student came up with the idea to put all things Albuquerque into one package.

Since then, Jesse Herron and Mike Silva, also known for their trolley business, have taken over the idea.

Just this week, they launched the holiday edition of ‘Albuquerque in a Box.

Silva says the idea came after tourists and locals started asking for gift ideas for their loved ones who can’t visit or don’t live in Albuquerque.

“This is just us taking our passion for the city. We’ve been bragging about it since the day we started the business and now we’ve put a piece of Albuquerque in a box,” said Silva.

So what comes in the box?

“We’ve got Christmas popcorn from Walker’s Popcorn. These are the state cookie, the biscochito, from Rude Boy Cookies. Green chile from La Choco in Old Town. The brand new green chile air freshener which makes the box smell nice and green chile.”

Herron and Silva say it was important to stay true to the brand. So, they made sure each item they put in the box was made right here in New Mexico.

“Made-in-Albuquerque businesses were very important to us. We kind of kept that theme with the box. Everything inside this box is located right here in Albuquerque,” said Herron.

With only 10 days until Christmas, Herron and Silva hope ‘Albuquerque in a Box’ can bring a bit of the Duke City cheer to anyone who receives it.

“We can take that passion that we have that we share with people daily, and we can ship it out all over the world. Which is awesome,” said Silva.

Herron and Silva say the boxes are selling out fast across the country. Their furthest order came all the way from Hawaii.

After holiday boxes sell out, Herron and Silva plan to introduce a special 2019 box in January.