ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Drivers constantly complain about the cracks in the pavement on I-40 near Coors. For one driver Wednesday, he said it was more than just the usual bumpy ride.

“Be careful going on I-40 West, just before the Coors overpass, it’s bad,” said Adrian Johnson.

Johnson said right before hitting the Coors overpass, he hit a pothole.

“It takes out my rim tire and I lose control briefly and had to try to over correct just to get back in my lane,” said Johnson.

He said the incident is now costing him around $1,300 for a new rim and tire.

“I don’t see why the freeway should be that bad you know and they’re always fixing it, but I don’t really see any improvements,” said Johnson.

Department of Transportation officials said they know it is a problem area and are working constantly to repave. They also said starting in June, a big project is in the works to completely renovate the pavement.

However, Johnson said what happened Wednesday could have cost more than money.

“I think that that could’ve taken someone’s life at 65 miles an hour,” said Johnson. “I’m going entirely too fast for something that big to be on the center lane in the middle of the freeway.”

Overall, Johnson said he’s ready for it to be June so the entire area of I-40 can be safer.

The DOT project is set to be finished in Winter of 2015.