ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Hastings will soon close more than a dozen stores across New Mexico. Life-long customers call it “the end of an era.”

For many customers, shopping at Hastings is from a bygone era. Since 1968, the company has been a standard for multimedia entertainment.

“Since I was a little girl my dad used to take me to go buy CDs and you know, rent movies,” said Tiffany Archibeque.

Hastings customers could browse the aisles of a video store, rent or buy a movie, find games, music, books and random novelties.

“I mean we’re regulars,” said Vanessa Price. “Pretty much always guaranteed to spend an hour or two here just walking around looking at stuff.”

So when the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and announced last month it’ll close stores nationwide by October, it brought up some emotions.

“It was sad, you know it’s like losing like a regular hang out place,” Price said.

“We don’t really have anything else like Hastings, which is why it sucks that it’s closing,” Jenica Nardacci said.

Fourteen stores across New Mexico will close, five of them in Albuquerque to include Tradesmart in the northeast heights, and one in Rio Rancho.

Customers compared it to when Blockbuster closed, calling it the end of an era. Hastings is even older than Blockbuster.

“My kids for instance, they know Netflix, and a lot of their movies are digital on the computer,” said Archibeque.

Parents point out the door is also closing for a younger generation, one that won’t share in the same experience.

“Everything is gonna be done online,” Hastings customer Gene Martin said. “You have to stream. Stream, stream, stream.”

Neither the company nor its new owner would comment for the story. But one location in the Northeast Heights had its own words for final customers posted right out front, saying simply, “Well…this is unfortunate.”

“I’m sad to see it go,” Price added. “So sad! I love this place,” said Nardacci.

It’s unclear what will become of the buildings Hastings will leave behind. The company is now in liquidation and stores will close by October 31.