Where aisles of school and office supplies once were housed, is a new immersive, interactive restaurant run by two local Albuquerque companies. 

“All of a sudden you’re transported into this magical space completely different than what you expected,” said Ben Matthews, the Creative Developer for StoryLab Interactive. 

When you walk into what was the Staples on Coors and I-40, you’re greeted by massive screen lined rooms, filled with long banquet tables that come to life with any kind of scenery you can imagine. 

“We’ve scaled up our dining model quite a bit,” said Matthews.

Back in January, KRQE News 13 first told you about StoryLab. Then, they were only projecting designs onto the tables and were doing pop-up events in local restaurants. 

Now, they’ve got a space of their own and are partnering with local dining and event company, Dig and Serve.

“We’re using you know stuff from people like Silver Leaf Farms, Vida Verde farms, Four Moons Farms, lots of farms here in Albuquerque,” said Brandon Gregoire, owner of Dig and Serve. 

Gregoire and his team design a luxury, several course dinner for guests to enjoy, while StoryLab designs the theme for the evening. 

“The whole story is you’re embarking on a celestial journey through the cosmos,” said Matthews. 

The story starts with a technologic ‘Welcome to Space.’ Then, Star Wars-esque light beams transport the rooms through asteroid belts and nebulas before landing in a room that looks like the surface of the sun.

In each scene, the images projected onto the dining table change as you wave your hands over it.

“I think it’s a great family friendly destination and it’s awesome to have this combined technology and entertainment in a single place,” said Matthews.

Matthews says the dinners are in high demand.

“Their whole face would light up, literally from the projection,” said Matthews.

Matthews says StoryLab is working on more designs for their elaborate dinners.

For more information about the company and events, click here.