Albuquerque company creates products inspired by La Llorona

An Albuquerque company is trying to capitalize on the La Llorona craze as the horror movie hits theaters. The business has just come out with a couple of products that could come in handy for the weeping woman if she decides to pay the city a visit.

The waters of the Rio Grande is where she searches for children to prey on. The tale of the scorned woman, who drowned her two kids in the river, then killed herself, is known across the southwest.

“It’s been a story that I’ve been told as a kid and always terrified me,” said Shalen Holt, owner of Seraparito Supply Co.

The story goes she can be heard weeping for her kids in the afterlife. It’s those mythical tears that inspired Holt, owner of Seraparito Supply Company, to create a new line of towels and handkerchiefs.  

“Because she is the weeping woman, I thought it would be fun if she had something to dry her tears with,” Holt said.

The design includes a weeping rose because it’s a tragic love story. The two carnations symbolize the two children she drowned.  “Then you have a hand reaching out and trying to find her children, or more children,” Holt said. 

Each handkerchief comes with a copy of the horrifying tale inside. “That’s our biggest source of inspiration…how can we celebrate the deep rich culture we have in New Mexico?” Holt said. 

The story has also made its way to the big screen. The Curse of La Llorona arrives in theaters Friday. Holt says to celebrate the movie’s premiere and the new products, they’ll be setting up a selfie station with La Llorona herself at Rio Bravo Brewing.

“She’ll be there hanging out, terrifying people,” Holt said. 

La Llorona will be at Rio Bravo Brewing on Friday night from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. You can get a closer look at those towels and handkerchiefs, here

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