After several failed attempts in the Roundhouse in recent years to outlaw coyote hunting contests, the City of Albuquerque has taken steps to address the issue on the local level. 

Councilor Diane Gibson says the resolution, passed unanimously on Monday and adopted, sends a strong a message about the city’s stance on coyote killing contests. 

It was co-sponsored by Councilors Gibson and Cynthia Borrego and condemns coyote killing contests and also urges New Mexico lawmakers to pass legislation making it illegal statewide.
It is an issue that has sparked heated debate in the Roundhouse several times.
In the last several years, bills to ban these kinds of contests have ultimately failed. 
People in favor of such contests say they help ranchers in rural areas protect their animals.  
Councilor Gibson says coyote killing contests are cruel and serve no real purpose beyond entertainment. 
“It’s just kind of a free for all and it doesn’t say good things about us as a society that we would allow this to happen,” she said. 

Councilor Gibson says the resolution does not touch on people killing a coyote on their own property that is putting their animals at risk, just the organized practice of coyote killing contests. 

She also says she encourages other cities to pass similar resolutions to push lawmakers to address the issue again.

Coyotes are considered unprotected furbearers which means they are not protected by the Department of Game and Fish. 

There is no specific hunting season or a limit on how many you kill.