ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Albuquerque’s first cat café is set to open soon and owner Julia Grueskin said there’s much more to it than just cats and coffee.

“This is where the cats will be,” said Julia Grueskin.

Grueskin is counting down the days until her downtown space will transform into Gatas y Gallates.

“Maybe about a dozen cats at a time will essentially be living at the cafe and then people will get to play with them and interact with them,” said Grueskin.

If mingling with cats over coffee and snacks sounds like an animal lover’s dream, Grueskin says it gets better.

“So I’m partnering with a local rescue mission called F.A.T Katz and they rescue foster cats from different high kill shelters around the state,” said Grueskin.

All of the cats in the cafe will be up for adoption.

“Cats can bring so much happiness to people,” said Grueskin.

Grueskin said F.A.T Katz doesn’t have a facility of their home, relying 100 percent on volunteers willing to foster.

“I’m essentially going to be providing another foster home for some of those cats,” said Grueskin.

The felines will live at Gatas y Gallates until they find their forever homes. Grueskin said it will allow the organization to take in more cats than ever before.

“Hopefully we get more cats adopted out and then bring more in,” she said.

The cafe is set to open in February.