Albuquerque balloon shop camera catches thieves breaking in


It may be one of the happiest shops in Albuquerque, a balloon supply store. Just days after Mayor Tim Keller rolled out more initiatives to tackle high crime in the city, this small business fell victim to thieves.

The owner of On the Rise woke up early yesterday morning and noticed the lock on her shop door was missing. That’s when she checked her cameras.

Jennifer Olson is the mastermind behind On the Rise, on Eubank near Constitution, in a strip mall. She says she’s hurt to see this kind of thing happen tot he place she loves.

Once the two people pried their way in, they went around the store. At one point, one of the thieves took a stuffed animal from the center display.

The pair then continues to look around, taking electronics, money, and even something very sentimental that belonged to Olson’s father.

“One of them being a letter opener. I know it doesn’t seem to be very important. I’m sure it was something they didn’t even want. They took it because it had some change in the thing. If it would just show up one day that would be miraculous,” says Olson.

In her two years in business, Olson says this is the first time this has happened, but she also recognizes that business break-ins are a major problem in Albuquerque.

Olson filed a police report and plans on beefing up her security around the shop as soon as possible.

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