ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A wife accused of murdering her Air Force husband has once again asked a judge to throw out incriminating statements.

Amy Herrera is charged with second degree murder. Police say she killed her husband, Marc Herrera, during a party at their Albuquerque home in 2012.

Amy Herrera claims Marc forced her to take his gun and put it in his mouth. Investigators say Herrera told a friend “she wishes she could kill him again.”

In March, a judge ruled that statement can be included at trial.

Herrera filed a motion trying to get the statement tossed, but Tuesday the judge denied the motion.

“The defense has presented nothing new that would establish that some circumstance changed or that there’s some evidence that the court didn’t consider at the last hearing,” Judge Brett Lovelace said.

Herrera’s trial is scheduled for July 31.