Albuquerque Fire Rescue is arming its trucks with a new tool. 

The Lucas Device is an automatic CPR machine. 

Paramedics attach the device to the patient and it administers the necessary compressions while paramedics perform other potentially life saving measures. 

They say it will be used on cardiac arrest patients when manual CPR is not practical. It also helps when ongoing CPR is required. 

AFR purchased 17 of the devices at $21,000 a piece. Tuesday, they learned city councilors each pitched in part of their aside money to buy the remaining four needed. 

“By using this automatic device it will make sure we give them better patient care. It becomes very fatiguing for members to give CPR and also very difficult as transferring a patient from floor to gurney, then gurney to ambulance, then inside a hospital…it is a game changer for us,” AFR Chief Paul Dow said. 

AFR works about 500 cardiac arrests each year. The Lucas Device has already been used in the field on a retired Albuquerque Police officer who was having a heart attack. 

He is now recovering.