Just days before Davon Lymon is set to go on trial for the murder of an Albuquerque police officer, investigators say he was involved in a stabbing at MDC.

Lymon is heading to trial for the murder of Officer Daniel Webster in 2015 after pleading no contest to felony gun and forgery charges in November.

He is currently being held at MDC, where he now finds himself in even more trouble.

“Frankly, they’re making a mountain out of a molehill,” his attorney, Gary Mitchell said of the new charges against his client.

The criminal complaint states that on Tuesday night, an inmate was stabbed multiple times in his cell during an argument.

The suspect now charged with aggravated battery is Yoan Santiesteban, who in January was found guilty of murder for killing a man during a 12-day crime spree that left three people dead. 

When guards finally broke up the fight, deputies said Santiesteban walked out of the cell and bumped into another inmate, Lymon, and “slyly hands Lymon an object.”

They believe Lymon then slid the weapon under the door of another cell, according to the complaint.

“My client indicated he was not at fault and he did nothing wrong,” Mitchell said.

Deputies believe a third inmate then flushed the object down the toilet.

Lymon is now charged with possession of a deadly weapon by a prisoner; tampering with evidence and conspiracy.

Lymon’s attorney for the upcoming murder trial thinks this is just more bad publicity for his client.

“It doggone sure interferes with our ability to try to get a fair and impartial jury,” he said.

MDC said it would not go into detail about Lymon’s prior behavior at the jail when asked about why he wasn’t kept under a closer watch. But, an official did say Lymon has been in segregation.

Lymon has been going back and forth between a prison in Colorado where he’s serving more than 35 years on federal charges, and MDC for his various court and trial appearances in Albuquerque.

As of Wednesday evening, the inmate who was stabbed is still at UNM Hospital in stable condition.