ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – It’s going on four nights, and a young Albuquerque woman’s family is very worried. She’s vanished, and everyone who knows her says she would never just disappear on her own.

“It’s been very, very tough the last three days,” said David Johnson, father of missing woman, Brittany Johnson.

“At this point, honestly, we don’t know what to think. I had a conversation with her last Thursday, and when she left our house, she was looking to go up to Durango and maybe attending Fort Lewis College,” he said.

Brittany Johnson, 24, was last seen in Albuquerque near Broadway and Mountain at a spa, the Bath House, around noon on Saturday. The family knew something was wrong when Johnson didn’t show up to her grandparents for Mother’s Day. She also didn’t attend her friend’s graduation party over the weekend.

“Ever since, it’s been non-stop trying to figure out what happened,” David Johnson said. There has been no activity on her credit card, and her phone goes straight to voice mail.

“She’s just a loving carefree type of girl. She’s young, she’s 24. She just loves the outdoors. She loves hiking. She loves yoga. She loves snowboarding. She’s got a lot of friends, very personable. Smiling all the time,” he said.

Lt. Pete Golden with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department said, “Her disappearance is highly unusual and is out of character for her normal pattern of behavior. Because it is so unusual and out of the norm is the reason we’re so concerned for her well being.”

The department issued an endangered missing person alert and described Johnson as “at-risk.”

“We don’t believe she is with anyone else who may be putting her at risk, but again, her behavior is out of the norm, and that is the reason for our concern,” he added.  “Because her pattern of behavior is so atypical from what her friends, her family and everyone else she interacts with have described, it is a reason we have such an elevated concern for her welfare,” he explained.

KRQE News 13 also learned Brittany Johnson’s home in the Southwest Valley was recently broken into.

“At this point in time, we can’t connect the two events. Is it possible? Certainly, but that’s something the detectives are looking at as well as cell phone records, bank records, and any other things that we can extract a pattern of behavior that would help us try to find a location we can find her,” Golden said.

David Johnson also said Brittany’s beloved dog was left at her home.

“If she was going camping, or she was going someplace, you know to try to get away for a few days, she would have taken that dog. The dog was left at the house without any instructions or anything- just very, very unusual,” he said.

Johnson issued a plea on KRQE News 13 Tuesday evening.

“Brittany, we love you very much, and if you can hear me, I’d appreciate it if you can get in touch with us, let us know that you’re OK,” he said. He also asked that anyone with information contact authorities.

Brittany Johnson’s car is also still missing. It’s a 2006 red Toyota Corolla with a “Co-Exist” sticker on the back window. Its New Mexico plates are at KMD-048.

Anyone with information about Johnson is urged to call the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department at 505-798-7000. The detective working the case can be called or can receive text messages at 505-886-1065.