A 10-year-old Albuquerque girl is headed to Belgium, and she’s going there to compete against the best BMX racers in the world.

Taio Taylor doesn’t mind a little competition out on the tracks even if it means training with her big brother, Robel Jr.

”Just a local kid who trains here at Duke City BMX,” Robel Taylor said.

Nearly three years ago, Taio began this love affair with BMX racing. Soon, her brother, sister and even her dad joined in on the fun.

“It wasn’t long after and the whole family jumped in with her,” Robel said. “She saw Caroline Buchanan and said, ‘I want to do that.'”

Taio said she knew she had a lot of catching up to do because most girls in her division have been riding since they could walk. But this 10-year-old knows she has talent.

“Like working out and training to be faster and getting stronger,” she said.

Because of that determination, she’s gained sponsorships both local and national.

“The community has really been supportive especially when the kid puts in the work, and she is a hard little worker,” Robel said.

Then, in March, Taio had the opportunity to compete at nationals here in Albuquerque.

“People came from all over the country to do it,” Robel said. 

It allowed her to qualify for the 2019 BMX World Championships in Belgium in July, meaning she’s now part of the U.S.A Team.

“I ended up winning and finding out I was going to Worlds,” she said. 

She admitted she’s nervous.

“It’s a new track and I’m going to be racing people from all over the world,” she said.

But her father said you can’t underestimate a local Albuquerque kid with a lot of heart.

“Just mainly if I try hard enough then I think I’ll get it,” Taio said.

Taio is raising money to help pay for her trip to Belgium. She’s selling t-shirts and has also created a GoFundMe.