(STACKER) – When you’ve already waited in line to check your luggage, waited to get through TSA screening, and then waited some more for overpriced coffee or bottled water, the last thing you want to do is wait even more for your plane to board and take off. The sad truth, however, is that air travel is a waiting game, especially if you fly with airlines or out of airports where delays are as commonplace as cramped onboard legroom and crying babies.

Stacker went through data from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) to determine the percentage of delayed flights among all airlines. We looked at the most recent data available—reported by the airlines to the BTS from June 2021 to June 2022—and defined “delayed” as a flight that arrived at its destination at least 15 minutes after its scheduled arrival time. If two airlines had the same percentage of on-time flights, they share the same ranking. We also identified the most troublesome airport—the one with at least 100 flights during the reporting period and the highest percentage of delayed flights—for each airline.

Both mainline carriers and branded codeshare partners (airlines that only staff, maintain, and operate planes) were considered. 

With the Labor Day weekend now upon us, fears over flight delays and cancellations threaten to cast a pall over what is otherwise a very popular air travel weekend. The U.S. Department of Transportation seems quite aware of such concerns and has established a Customer Service Dashboard to empower airline customers with information about what each respective airline will provide in the event of a flight disruption. This dashboard reflects very recent changes to most airlines’ policies regarding customer service plans for flights that are delayed or canceled because of the airline itself and is actively being monitored by the USDOT from a directive by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation.

While delays may yet be a necessary evil of air travel, the following may give you an idea of which airlines you can depend on for your holiday weekend plans and beyond.

17. Endeavor Air Inc.

– On-time flights: 87.8%

16. Hawaiian Airlines Inc.

– On-time flights: 86.8%

15. Delta Air Lines Inc.

– On-time flights: 85.4%

14. Horizon Air

– On-time flights: 84.3%

13. Envoy Air

– On-time flights: 84.1%

12. SkyWest Airlines Inc.

– On-time flights: 82.3%

11. PSA Airlines Inc. (tie)

– On-time flights: 81.7%

11. Republic Airways (tie)

– On-time flights: 81.7%

9. Alaska Airlines Inc.

– On-time flights: 80.5%

8. American Airlines Inc. (tie)

– On-time flights: 80.1%

8. United Airlines Inc. (tie)

– On-time flights: 80.1%

6. Mesa Airlines Inc.

– On-time flights: 79.1%

5. Spirit Airlines

– On-time flights: 75.5%

4. Southwest Airlines Co.

– On-time flights: 74.9%

3. Frontier Airlines Inc.

– On-time flights: 71.5%

2. JetBlue Airways

– On-time flights: 69.4%

1. Allegiant Air

– On-time flights: 66%