ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque is ranked as the seventh-best city for recreation in the country, according to a study done by WalletHub. The study ranks Albuquerque in the top ten in multiple metrics. Albuquerque ranked No. 8 in terms of cost and fourth overall for a percentage of parkland.

WalletHub compared the100 largest cities and examined 47 different metrics that fall into four different categories that include basic living costs, quality of parks, entertainment & recreational facilities, and the weather.

10 best cities for recreation according to WalletHub

Overall Rank CityTotal Score Entertainment & Recreational Facilities Costs Quality of Parks Weather 
1Las Vegas, NV64.232582218
2Orlando, FL61.641526028
3Cincinnati, OH59.171215258
4Tampa, FL58.337457713
5Scottsdale, AZ55.483525333
6San Diego, CA55.484882834
7Albuquerque, NM55.174081137
8Atlanta, GA55.019723241
9Honolulu, HI53.706931043
10New Orleans, LA52.891866753

10 worst cities for recreation according to WalletHub

90Fremont, CA39.4397891624
91Memphis, TN39.1868416687
92Aurora, CO38.2385606265
93Durham, NC38.067959879
94Garland, TX37.6290719433
95Oakland, CA37.6157953951
96Irving, TX37.3493516176
97Newark, NJ36.8170734597
98Jersey City, NJ36.4078875455
99Chula Vista, CA36.0699818529
100Fort Wayne, IN35.4286149296

Neighboring states Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma all had cities land inside the top 50. Arizona had four cities rank inside the top 20. Texas and Colorado each had one city rank inside the top 20.

To view the full study and a detailed breakdown of the rankings and methods used visit: