NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A new study ranks New Mexico as the 21st most fun state in America. WalletHub ranked states on 26 indicators of a good time that won’t break the bank such as movie costs to accessibility to national parks to casinos per capita.

The 50 states were compared across two key categories, entertainment and recreation, and nightlife. Those categories were then evaluated using 26 metrics and then graded on a scale indicating the greatest number and variety of fun and cost-effective opportunities.

The study cited New Mexico as having some of the fewest golf courses and country clubs per capita in addition to having the fewest marinas per capitas out of all the states. However, New Mexico was ranked number #4 among the states for best access to national parks.

New Mexico was 21st overall but ranked 20th for recreation and 26th for activities at night. California took home the number one spot as the most fun state Florida was the second, and Nevada rounded out the top three.

West Virginia came in last.

Source: WalletHub