(STACKER) – Reality is at the forefront of the latest list of most-watched Netflix television shows. From documentaries to stand-up comedy specials, the most recent top hits took markedly different approaches to telling stories.

A new nature docuseries titled “Life on Our Planet” blurs the line between reality and fiction. Coming from Silverback Films, the studio behind “Our Planet,” and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television, this eight-part series uses a combination of live-action footage and CGI to depict the evolutionary process over hundreds of millions of years. The filmmakers shot footage of real animals who are still present on Earth, such as Komodo dragons, while creating photorealistic CGI renditions of creatures long gone, such as mammoths and T. rexes, on top of real live-action environments. It’s an exciting new step in nature documentary filmmaking—and as a bonus, Morgan Freeman provides narration with his signature soothing voice.

Tackling a significantly different topic is “Get Gotti,” a three-part docuseries centered on infamous mob boss John Gotti. Covering the peak of Gotti’s reign in the 1980s, the series features interviews with journalists, lawyers, police officers, and even former mobsters in unraveling Gotti’s larger story. With a flashy and slick presentation and editing style, “Get Gotti” aims to summarize what led to Gotti earning the nickname “Teflon Don,” as it took four trials for any conviction to stick. It turns out that Gotti was adept in manipulating the criminal justice system, and even bent some mob rules himself.

On a lighter note, comedy fans may want to try out a new comedy special from Pete Holmes titled “I Am Not for Everyone.” While the title might imply controversial views and comments, it refers to the feeling Holmes gets coming home from social gatherings and the observations he picks up from those places. The comedian dishes on his religious upbringing and experiences as a first-time father, all while taking a self-deprecating tone. Introspective, goofy, and mostly clean, “I Am Not for Everyone” might actually be for anyone looking for some comforting comedy.

See which other shows joined these reality-based entries on Netflix in this top 10 list from Oct. 23-Oct. 29, compiled by Stacker.

#10. I Woke Up A Vampire: Season 1

– Total weeks in top ten: 2

#9. Bebefinn: Season 2

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#8. Beckham: Limited Series

– Total weeks in top ten: 4

#7. The Great British Baking Show: Collection 11

– Total weeks in top ten: 5

#6. Pete Holmes: I Am Not for Everyone

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#5. Big Mouth: Season 7

– Total weeks in top ten: 2

#4. Bodies: Limited Series

– Total weeks in top ten: 2

#3. The Fall of the House of Usher: Season 1

– Total weeks in top ten: 3

#2. Life on Our Planet: Season 1

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#1. Get Gotti: Season 1

– Total weeks in top ten: 1