(STACKER) – From a complicated pharmaceutical drama to a live-action anime adaptation, Netflix’s latest Top 10 movies list is pulling subscribers in with an exciting mix.

“Pain Hustlers” is a new crime drama starring Emily Blunt as a single mother who joins a “speaker program” selling fentanyl. Her character goes to extraordinary lengths to care for her daughter who has epilepsy by deep diving into the grift and exploitation of pharma sales. The film, which debuted on Oct. 27, is an adaptation of journalist Evan Hughes’ 2018 article for New York Times magazine and subsequent book on the subject. Hughes’ work focuses on the dealings of drugmaker Insys Therapeutics and their product Subsys, a fentanyl-based liquid painkiller that had devastating consequences.

Another newcomer to Netflix that’s riveting subscribers is “Knights of the Zodiac,” a live-action adaptation of the beloved Japanese manga and anime series “Saint Seiya” that premiered on Oct. 26. Set in a world where celestial forces and ancient myths collide, young warriors are entrusted with the sacred duty of protecting humanity from otherworldly threats. The story centers on teen Seiya as he embarks on a perilous journey to unlock the true potential of his powers while protecting a reincarnated goddess. 

Meanwhile, those looking for a film the entire family can enjoy can turn to “Minions,” the 2015 animated comedy (a spinoff to the “Despicable Me” franchise) that follows the endearing journey of three curious, banana-loving creatures—Kevin, Stuart, and Bob. After finding themselves without a master to serve, they embark on a globe-trotting adventure in search of a new evil boss. The vibrant animation is filled with slapstick-antic shenanigans from these yellow mischief-makers that will have all ages laughing out loud.

Find out how all these films rank on the list Stacker compiled of the most popular movies on Netflix in the U.S. from Oct. 23-Oct. 29.

#10. Casper

– Total weeks in top ten: 4

#9. Reptile

– Total weeks in top ten: 5

#8. Long Shot

– Total weeks in top ten: 2

#7. Hotel Transylvania 2

– Total weeks in top ten: 3

#6. Burning Betrayal

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#5. Knights of the Zodiac

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#4. Minions

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#3. Pain Hustlers

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#2. Old Dads

– Total weeks in top ten: 2

#1. No Hard Feelings

– Total weeks in top ten: 2