(STACKER) – Beverage trends come and go and sometimes come back around again, often influenced by everything from shifting cultural priorities, increased scientific research and knowledge on human health, and marketing by large corporations.

To explore changing consumer drinking habits, GigaCalculator ranked the seven most popular nonalcoholic beverages among people in the United States by the average percentage of daily consumption, using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The data brief came from a cross-sectional survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics. Survey data like this is subject to recall error, but limitations have been well-documented and considered for the initial analysis.

Not long ago, soda was America’s favorite beverage. While still popular, soda has dropped down the ranks along with drinks like juice and milk, which were once staples in the average American’s diet.

Drinking is, of course, the key to staying hydrated and keeping your body functioning properly. Water is the best way to hydrate, although there is much debate among researchers and in popular discourse about how much water people should consume in a day. We also gain valuable water intake from many foods, including fruits and vegetables. Advancements in technology have also made keeping track of hydration easier for people in medical or care home settings and anyone concerned about their water intake.

7. Diet beverages

– Overall 3.8% of daily intake
– For 20-39-year-olds: 2.6%
– For 40-59-year-olds: 4.4%
– For 60+-year-olds: 4.9%

6. Milk

– Overall 5.5% of daily intake
– For 20-39-year-olds: 5%
– For 40-59-year-olds: 5.2%
– For 60+-year-olds: 6.4%

5. Fruit beverages

– Overall 5.6% of daily intake
– For 20-39-year-olds: 6.5%
– For 40-59-year-olds: 5.1%
– For 60+-year-olds: 5.2%

4. Tea

– Overall 8.7% of daily intake
– For 20-39-year-olds: 6.7%
– For 40-59-year-olds: 9.6%
– For 60+-year-olds: 10.3%

3. Sweetened beverages

– Overall 10.2% of daily intake
– For 20-39-year-olds: 13.5%
– For 40-59-year-olds: 10.4%
– For 60+-year-olds: 5.9%

2. Coffee

– Overall 14.9% of daily intake
– For 20-39-year-olds: 9.2%
– For 40-59-year-olds: 16.1%
– For 60+-year-olds: 20.5%

1. Water

– Overall 51.2% of daily intake
– For 20-39-year-olds: 56.5%
– For 40-59-year-olds: 49.3%
– For 60+-year-olds: 46.9%