ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque made the list in a new study ranking how well they are suited for kid-friendly vacations. The city came in #78th out of 200 cities featured in the study by Lawn Love.

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The study looked at six factors to make their determination including places to stay, food, having fun, getting around, affordability, and safety. Albuquerque ranked 152nd, 95th, 39th, 112th, and 67th respectively with an overall score of 21.4.

New York City came out being the top pick for kid-friendly vacations. Orlando, FL came in second, followed by Miami, FL, Las Vegas, NV, and Chicago, IL to round out the top five. Clarksville, TN came in last place with an overall score of 11.67.