ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A new report from has found that Albuquerque is ranked as the 11th most physically active city in the U.S.

The report shows that out of all large cities in the country, New Mexico is the 11th most active with 77.4% of adults who are physically active. The reports findings for Albuquerque can be seen below.

  • Share of adults who are physically active: 77.4%
  • Share of adults who are obese: 27.8%
  • Share of adults with high cholesterol: 25.5%
  • Share of adults with diabetes: 9.4%
  • Share of adults with depression: 19.0%

According to the study, the COVID-19 pandemic raised concerns that lockdowns would decrease physical activity. One study conducted early in the pandemic found that physical activity for adults was significantly lower than prior to the pandemic. Experts have identified a number of benefits that come with a physically active lifestyle, including reduced blood pressure, better sleep and improved energy levels. The Center for Disease Control found that lack of physical activity contributes to 10% of all premature deaths in the U.S.

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