(STACKER) – Feeling hungry? Learn about the signature dishes famous chefs have become known for—ones that made our mouths water, built travel itineraries around for a taste, and even dared to make at home to impress our loved ones.

Stacker compiled a list of 20 celebrated chefs from around the world—Michelin star recipients, James Beard Award winners, bestselling cookbook authors, and hosts of your favorite hit TV shows—and the dishes that helped put them on the culinary map. Among these iconic dishes are classic cultural fare like latkes and pork buns to reimagined desserts and artful museum-worthy entrees, plus treasured family recipes passed down through generations, ready to whet your appetite.

Many of these chefs started with humble roots but big dreams, turning a single restaurant or a life-changing performance in a food competition into food empires. Think fine dining or casual restaurants on different continents, even product lines such as cookware, kitchen utensils, and ready-made meals available at local groceries. Others on this list are considered legends in the industry, inspiring the food adventures of today’s rising star chefs.

Gordon Ramsay – Beef Wellington

Kristen Kish – Mafaldine

Jamie Oliver – Best roast potatoes

Carla Hall – Homemade cookie butter

Giada De Laurentiis – Lemon spaghetti

Marcus Samuelsson – Helga’s meatballs

Wolfgang Puck – Smoked salmon pizza

Vikas Khanna – Stuffed spinach and paneer roll

Nigella Lawson – My mother’s praised chicken

David Chang – Pork buns

Dominique Crenn – Kir Breton

Enrique Olvera – Mole madre, mole nuevo

Amaury Guichon – Guilty pleasure

Jiro Ono – Sushi

Helena Rizzo – Gnocch

Rachael Ray – Super sloppy Joes

Sunny Anderson – Braised ribs with barbecue sauce

Duff Goldman – Slightly adapted Mamo’s potato pancakes

Cristeta Comerford – Arroz caldo

Joachim Splichal -Lobster salad