In a KRQE News 13 Investigation, Albuquerque’s dirty little secret, Larry Barker reveals that beginning in the 1920’s and continuing for another 30 years, scores of newly developed neighborhoods, from the West Mesa to the Sandia foothills, were designated ‘whites only.’ A map of Albuquerque today shows the city littered with vast enclaves of a bygone era in which bigotry and prejudice was an unwritten rule. And even though racial restrictions in housing are offensive and unenforceable, they remain on the books in Bernalillo County. Original property deeds going back to Statehood are stored at a county warehouse on South Broadway.

KRQE News 13’s investigation discovered the neighborhoods outlined in red were designated ‘whites only’ during the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s.

Racial Covenants Map