Music is meant to feel lived in. That’s what multi-platinum-selling artist Zach Williams believes.
He is already a two-time Grammy award winner. Williams is currently on tour, promoting his latest album, ‘A Hundred Highways.’ Williams describes his sound as defining and fusing southern rock with a country soul. He is stopping by Albuquerque during his tour. He will be performing at the Kiva Auditorium.

Williams explained how the name of the album came from his song on the album, titled ‘Looking for You.’ The verse of his song, says ‘a hundred highways of empty pursue…’ and for him, it felt like the perfect title for this record. He says, this just felt like the right title. Williams says he has a lot of fun playing all his songs but a top is titled, ‘Big Tent Revival.’ This an opener to each live show and it reminds him of when he was a kid and attended revival services.

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