ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A new report has ranked the best and worst states to drive in. According to the study, New Mexico landed on No. 20. The personal finance website WalletHub took a look at all 50 states to determine which are the best – and the worst – to drive in.

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To rank the states, WalletHub looked at the four key dimensions: Cost of Ownership & Maintenance, Traffic & Infrastructure, Safety, and Access to Vehicles & Maintenance.

Researchers also broke those dimensions down into 31 relevant metrics, like average gas prices, the share of rush-hour traffic congestion, number of days with precipitation, road quality, traffic fatality rate, car theft rate and auto-repair shops per capita. 

New Mexico ranked No. 22 in cost of ownership and maintenance, No. 4 in traffic and infrastructure, and No. 39 in safety.

Source: WalletHub

According to WalletHub, these are the 10 best states to drive in:

1. Iowa
2. Georgia
3. Ohio
4. Oklahoma
5. North Carolina
6. Idaho
7. Texas
8. Tennessee
9. Kansas
10. Indiana