December is a time when a lot of people could get sick due to stress and lack of sleep. Wellness Lifestyle Expert Jaime Hess, joined New Mexico Living to provide tips to keep you and your family healthy this holiday season.

Hess recommends starting off by controlling what we are putting into our bodies. That even includes our four-legged friends, just like us they should also be eating yummy and nutritious foods. Acana Premium Pet Food offers a variety of different dog food in wet and dry options. Feeding them healthy and tasty food ensures that they get all the nutrients they need. Another tip to keep a healthy lifestyle is to check out the Polar Ignite 3 a fitness and wellness watch. The watch recently hit the market for the holiday season.

The Polar Ignite 3 also allows users to customize it with personal data because not all sizes fit all. It will track the users’ sleep, workouts and daily activities. Lastly keeping a healthy home, is also very important. Individuals should wash their hands often and disinfect their homes to keep away the germs and illnesses that could be going around out.

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