Vista Living Care supports family caregivers helping their loved ones battling chronic illnesses and dementia. They launched the Stress-Busting Program for Family Caregivers to provide resources and advice for family caregivers that might go through stressful situations. Director of Education and Senior Social Services Director Ruth Dennis and Family Caregiver Hank Estrada stopped by to talk about this program.

According to Dennis, one in four Americans is a family caregiver. She also points out it is “often a multigeneration thing where folks are caring for children or siblings and an older parent.” Estrada highlights the stress that being a family caregiver can cause: “I have to do things that I wasn’t accustomed to doing. It was very stressful and overwhelming at times,” he said.

Nevertheless, family caregivers like Estrada can count on the Stress-Busting Program which empowers them and “gives them the tools to fill that well,” added Dennis. For Estrada, the program helped him overcome many tough situations. “If it had not been for the Stress-Busting Program right here, I don’t know if I would be sitting here talking to you,” he said.

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