Verus Research CEO Grady Patterson joined New Mexico Living host Chad Brumett to talk about why the company feels it’s so important to invest in the community and education in STEM fields. They also are sponsoring New Mexico Frontiers, a series that profiles the movers and shakers from the state who are changing the world. The series will premiere on Friday, April 14 at 6:30 p.m. on Fox New Mexico.

Patterson says when it comes to STEM outreach, the company is involved with the University of New Mexico Engineering Department, elementary schools and New Mexico Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement (NM MESA and/or MESA). “We really think a rising tide lifts all boats. And whatever we can do to help this local community is going to help not only us, but other companies like us…. and make Albuquerque, New Mexico better,” said Patterson.

Verus Research is an elite team of scientists and research engineers with compelling experience in advanced electromagnetic simulation and analysis, microwave system modeling, design, and implementation, nuclear systems analysis and radiation effects, multidisciplinary systems integration, and more.