The start of the fall season does not necessarily mean travel is slowing down. Verizon offers products and services to help community members stay connected and protected through all their fall-time travel.

Verizon Tech Expert Andy Choi emphasizes the importance of having a good camera to capture all of the beauty that the coming season holds. The Google Pixel Fold is one of Choi’s favorites for capturing pictures and getting work done on the go.

When it comes to fitness, Verizon has its customers covered with the Fitbit Inspire 3. The smartwatch tracks steps and even recognizes 20 different exercises.

For customers who want it all in one device, the Google Pixel Watch packs all the technology into one small device. The smartwatch can also connect to the Google Pixel Buds Pro for music on the go.

With the purchase of new devices, it is important to make sure they are protected. Verizon also offers many protection needs, like phone cases, screen protectors, and protection plans. With Verizon’s protection plan, Verizon Mobile Protect, customers can even ship a replacement to their location if something happens to their product during travel.

To learn more about all of Verizon’s offerings, check out their website at this link.