The University of New Mexico Valencia Campus is a two-year branch of UNM that is located near Los Lunas. The university branch offers more than 40 associate degree and certificate programs, with courses ranging from nursing and history to game design and welding.

The college has a wide variety of programs and provides many services to its students. Some of the programs are geared toward those who would like to transfer to a different university after two years, and others have a focus on beginning technical careers.

UNM Valencia works with local high schools for its dual credit program; this allows high school students to get ahead on their college coursework before starting at a university. “UNM Valencia is sort of like a microcosm of a big campus,” says Dean of Instruction Dr. Laura Musselwhite.

One of the benefits of the smaller campus is that the staff, advisors, and other mentors are able to give each student more of their attention. To learn more about the campus’ offerings, click here.