ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – This year, the gifts that are trending may not be what you’d expect. So we are getting a breakdown this morning on what we may find under our trees this year.

This year’s presents are all about tech starting with a pre-paid smartphone for $99. It’s saying no to contracts and expensive monthly phone bills. This phone allows you to pay as you go, with a $45 unlimited plan, for calls, text, high speed 5g data plus five gigabytes of a hot spot. For more information visit

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RCA table bundles, RCA 15′ slim laptop that come with Windows 11, and a 1-year Microsoft 365 personal subscription. Another cool idea is the Touch screen toaster, which allows you to customize your bread. Air tags and pet cameras are also great gifts this holiday season.

For those on your list with a sweet tooth, you can make a Pecan snow globe topper. They are very fun to make and you can add a tasty treat inside. Head to for all the DIY recipes. More information is available at