The Women’s Art Show was created five years ago as a safe space for women of color to showcase their work. Celebrating being a woman through art is very special said Linda Valencia Martinez, Women’s Art Show founder. She also explained how she started with 15 artists, and it has grown up to have up to 50 artists now. The artist range from 19-90 years of age, and the artwork ranges from traditional retablos to abstract art.

The Hispanic Cultural Center foundation invited them to not only host their showcase there but also be part of the event. The types of artists showcasing their work will be jewelry makers, oil and acrylic painters, paper artists, wood artists, glass artists, fabric artists, Frida Kalo art, and mixed media artist. There’s a lot to pick from when attending this event, and you will be shopping local.

The event is free, and it will be Sunday, October 2 at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.