Celebrating 247 years, the United State Marine Corps was founded in Philadelphia in 1775. Nearly 250 years later, the Marine Corps is a symbol of American heroism and bravery. With today being their birthday, we are honoring all marines for their service and sacrifice to our nation with a special tribute.

In 1921, the 13th General Lejeune issued a marine corps order to summarize the history mission in the tradition of the court. It said that the order must be read to all marines each November 10th to honor the founding of the marine corps.

In 1952 Commandant General Lemuel Shepherd Junior formalized the cake-cutting ceremony and other traditional observances. The Marines Corps birthday cake-cutting ceremony is important to all marines as it is an annual renewal of each marine’s commitment to the core and the corps commitment the nation’s quest for peace and freedom. The birthday cake is traditionally cut with the mameluke sword.

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