The PC Place wants to help you keep your computer safe this holiday season. In an increasingly digital and online age, it’s common to become the victim of a computer scam. Being able to recognize when something is harmful to your computer is one of the first lines of defense in protecting it.

Stephen Armijo, president, of The PC Place, explains how they are seeing more and more pop-ups telling people to call Microsoft. Armijo said that “Microsoft doesn’t have a police.” They should not be telling you to call anyone. What you suppose to do is press ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ on the PC and start ‘task manager’ and click whichever web browser you’re on and click ‘end task.’ Armijo explained that they are seeing a rise in people getting scammed especially over the holidays.

Another easy way to stop and prevent scammers is to unsubscribe to unwanted or suspicious emails. That suspicious email can also generate 10 plus other emails that are not true and are fake. When you press to unsubscribe it stops those emails from getting into your computer.

This year The PC Place entered its PC song and it won. It will be announced at the New Mexico Jingle Ball. The PC place was also nominated for ‘Best in the City’ for the 11th year in a row as the best local computer shop.